The Berwick Street Cloth Shop

Dec 19, 2017

The Berwick Street Cloth Shop first opened its doors in 1993. They specialise in a vast array of technical fabrics such as metallics and latex, which very much suits the history of the area it is located in.

The history of the Berwick Street Market is a very interesting one, known as one of the oldest markets in London. Even more famously known is the “Golden Mile” of record shops littering the streets such as; Reckless Records, Sister Ray and Sounds of the Universe (the latter being located on Broadwick Street).

The Berwick Street Cloth Shop has since been inspiring and influencing many fashion and costume designers with its vast range of exotic fabrics ranging from lame’s, neoprenes, furs, metallics, PVC’s, leathers, suedes and vinyls.

Wether you are design student or designer, please come visit this shop, you will not be disappointed.

Linda said “I have found the staff in the Berwick Street Cloth Shop to be very attentive and helpful when asked for assistance.  You can easily have good joke or bit of banter with the staff. They are very forthcoming and incredibly knowledgeable of fabric and construction etc.” – Time Out London

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